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Viking Bee Missions statement

We at Viking bee strive to make the best honey we can. we work out of the northern Ontario area as to keep our bees as far from and toxins ex. ( pollution, GNOs and pesticides) to name a few. Though we have a shorter grow season then most in this field, we see it as this area keeps our bees and product cleaner and healthier than most.

Our goals are:

  • Produce a superior honey
  • Prefects growing in cold climates
  • Study flowers to insure longed bloom and pollen times
  • Set up education and help areas for people to come and learn about our little honey making workers
  • Work on developing healthy mixes of infused honeys (Lavender, Echinacea, Ginseng) and more
  • To reach education and sales on a Global scale
  • To supply bees to paces to educate and help the environment
  • To help in increasing the stability of bees where we can

As we grow, we will work to all these goals and more with hard work, help and support we feel our goals will be achieved

Bees are a needed accept in our world to live and eat, we can not let them die off. We at Viking bee are do all we can to do our part in preventing this

Our site will keep growing with information, help, education and “Beeformation”

thank you to all that support us in our endeavors 

from Viking Bee: Bee safe, Bee smart, Bee educated,

Bee Viking